Welcome to the Slut Lessons Blog!

The intent behind SL is to allow me to share some of the secrets and techniques I’ve gained over the years from my own sluthood.  I first realized that I enjoyed being a slut when I was 15, although I certainly didn’t consider myself a slut in those days.  Today, I don’t outwardly advertise myself as a slut, but if you ask anyone who’s had the pleasure of my company in the bedroom (or any number of other places), they will tell you that I do indeed play the role of slut quite well.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve learned a great deal about how men and women view sex, how they interact during sex, and how they see themselves sexually. I’ve mastered a great many techniques (some of which I think are a bit unique), and learned from many of the prominent sex educators, those of today and those of historical note. I’d like to share that information with you if you’re interested (which, presumably you are, since you’ve found your way here). Likewise, many of you have crafted your own techniques and learned your own lessons about sexuality.  You are highly encouraged to share your experiences here as well.

We’ll learn through my writing and through analysis of various scenes from porn, both amateur and “pro.”  We’ll analyze the writings of various sex experts and sex educators, and discuss subjects brought up by the blog’s readers. We may even discuss a naughty photo or two.

For almost three years I wrote a (very frank) sex column for my college newspaper.  Obviously, I can’t tell you which one, since that would compromise my identity.  But I think you’ll find I’m very well versed in this particular subject matter.

Originally, access to SL was restricted to women only, primarily to allow us to discuss our sluthood without interference from the male of the species.  I recently changed my mind about that, however, and now most of the articles I’ve written are publicly available. I hope you find them of some use. For the time being, I’ve listed them below in alphabetical order by title. In the future, I’ll reorganize the site a bit to make it more…bloggish or whatnot.

Thanks, and enjoy your sluttishness.

NOTE: There will be no further development on this website. I am in the process of building a new, more comprehensive instructional website. Stay tuned for details.

Blog Entries

And by the way, if you think of any subjects you’d like to see me address on this blog, shot me an e-mail and let me know (slutlessonsblog at gmail dot com).

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