Sleeping Naked

sleepingnudeI absolutely love the feeling of the sheets of my bed on my naked skin.

I sleep naked.  Even wearing undies causes me to feel constricted, and I hate that feeling.

I started sleeping without any clothes on when I was a child, and with the exception of a period of time when I was going through puberty and therefore unsure of when my period would start, I’ve never worn anything to bed (the occasional sleepover notwithstanding). Even when we went on school trips in high school, my roommates would freak because I’d want to sleep with nothing on.

My parents were itinerant naturists – they were nude when they could be. We were a military family (at the time) and lived in Texas, so there wasn’t a lot of space where we could enjoy ourselves sans clothing, but there were a few naturist resorts that we spent some time at. I only vaguely recall those places since I was a pre-teen at the time, and really didn’t pay that much attention to the other people around me. I was more focused on the pool. We’d (my sister and I) tear our clothes off and dive right in as soon as we got through the gates. When my dad left the military and we moved into civilian life, we almost always swam nude in our own pool at home as well. Hell, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have pool parties where many of those present shed their clothes (though it was almost always girls).

My sister and I were raised to believe that the naked human body isn’t inherently a negative or sexual thing. It is another testament to my parents’ progressive thinking that they explained to us about our bodies, how to understand the differences between “good” touching vs. “bad” touching, how to respect boundaries, and so forth. They even explained to us why some people see a direct connection between nudity and sex (along the small-mindedness of such a position). Again, this was as a pre-teen, an adjunct to us being home schooled. You’d never see anything like that being taught in a school setting, even the most liberal private institution. Which, of course, is a shame when measured against the human condition as a whole. Think of how much less angst we’d have as a people if people could get away from the concept that nude people must = sex in some way.

Given the story arc of my life, it doesn’t surprise me that many people see this and believe that there’s some connection to my overt sexuality. To me it is disrespectful to automatically attach sex to the body’s natural state. We can agree to disagree on that I suppose. I do know that every person I know who was raised in a naturist environment generally lacks the body and self-esteem issues that plague a huge number of people who weren’t brought up that way. I know I am wholly at peace with how I see my body. Even though I am not happy with the way everything on it is configured, I am content to live in the skin I am given. I could get naked in front of a crowd of thousands and it wouldn’t faze me in the least.

Anyway, I digress. My original impetus for this little blurb came up because I’d gotten nekkid and climbed into bed last night. The cold sheets caused chill bumps to come up on my skin. If you’ve been paying attention to me, you know that I revel in my love of the sensual nature of life, and the feeling of being free between the sheets certainly plays to that. The sheets are 1000-thread count, Egyptian cotton, over a padded mattress, topped with a goose feather down comforter, by the way.

Posh Spice sleeps nekkid, too, for what that’s worth.

So, what do you sleep in?

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