Sex is Dirty

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen or heard people who’ve been discussing anal sex talk about being afraid to do it because they “might get shit on my/his cock.” So fucking what? Just wipe it off and go on with life. Shit is not acidic and it won’t burn your cock off (Well, unless you’ve been eating some really weird food from Mexico, perhaps). As long as you’re not going to put it in your mouth when it comes out of your ass, then so what if it has a bit of shiznit on it?

Generally speaking, if you don’t feel as though you need to go to the bathroom, there’s nothing in the rectum, so pushing a penis (butt plug, or anything else) in there isn’t likely to cause you any grief. That’s not to say there may not be some traces of fecal matter that may come out on the cock, but it’ll just be tiny particles or some brown liquid. Have some baby wipes or a wet bath cloth handy just in case. When it comes out, wipe it off, and get on about your business.

Now, if you’re going to be doing porn star anal sex – you know, the really deep penetration, pounding, hard core anal fucking – then you may need to take some additional steps. This is particularly true if it involves a longer cock – say, 6 or 7 inches or more. The rectum has several valves in it that separate it from the sigmoid colon. Once you penetrate the rectum past these valves, you will encounter some stool. If you use an enema beforehand, it’ll clean much of that out and you won’t have to worry about it, though. Problem solved. That’s not very conducive to spontaneity, but if you have a feeling you might be on the receiving end of a really good butt fucking, take that extra step, okay? 😉

Obviously, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of using an enema, or find yourself in a situation where it isn’t practical, then just know that the cock will likely have a good bit of fecal matter on it when you withdraw it, and have something handy to clean up with.

And of course, there’s always the option of a condom. If you get shit on the condom, take it off, wrap it up and throw it away. Voila!

The same thing is true with facials, as well, by the way. Or cumming anywhere else on a partner’s body. It’s just cum. It won’t kill you to get it on you. In fact, you’re more likely to die from choking on it if you swallow it. 😆

If you get into the rougher flavors of face or throat fucking, there’s going to be a lot of thick mucous and saliva coming out of your mouth as well. Just put a pad under you and let it drip/drain out (You probably don’t want to wear any clothing, either). Some guys like that kind of thing anyway (the visual aspect of it, anyway), and if you keep spitting it out, it inhibits your ability to take the cock as deep as you otherwise would.

And of course the same is true for pee play, though since there’s typically more volume involved this is probably best reserved for the shower. Or, if you have a small kiddie pool, then you can use that as well. It’s just urine, and urine is sterile when it leaves the body (unless you have a UTI or bladder infection). There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of pee on your body or in your mouth (many survival guides tell you you can drink urine if there’s no potable water available). You probably shouldn’t get urine in the vagina, since the pH of urine is significantly different than cunt juice – you don’t want to throw that out of kilter. Having a guy piss in your ass is not a problem, either, generally speaking (a really strong stream might damage the inner wall of your rectum, but getting that kind of stream would be difficult with an erect/semi-erect cock).

I know some people have an aversion to being icky, but folks, it’s SEX. There’s nothing wrong with getting down and dirty when it comes to fucking. I can understand it if you’re in a car, a friend’s house/bed, in the hallway of your office building, or a seat in a Ferris wheel or something. You don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of a major clean up operation, or get bodily fluids where someone else is likely to be exposed to them.

But if you’re in the privacy of your own home, make some arrangements (i.e., towels, protective sheets, etc.) and just let go. Fuck like you mean it and if you get cum, or a little bit of pee or shit on something, clean it up, wash your non-expendables, and go on with life. Worrying about what you’re getting on you just inhibits your ability to fully enjoy the sex.

There’s a famous quote from Groucho Marx who, when asked by a reported, “Do you think sex is dirty?” replied, “Only if you’re doing it right.” I agree. 😛

I have to encourage my partners on this occasionally as well, by the way. When they’re fucking my cunt or ass, they’re in a condom, of course, so there’s generally not an issue there. But many of them like to give me facials from time to time, or cum on my boobs, ass, or some other part of my body. I’m like, “Just let the cum go where it’s going to go.” I know some girls don’t like it when they get it in their hair, or their eyes, up their noses, etc. But I just want my partner to enjoy himself – blast your load wherever you want it to go and that’s fine with me. I’ll deal with it and clean myself up when we’re done. I don’t want him having to hold back or worry about where his load’s going to and have that inhibit his fun or his performance to any extent.

I do often wonder what the housecleaning staff thinks when they go into some rooms after we’re done, though. I’ve had guys hit the headboards, chair backs, curtains, mirrors, windows/glass doors, table tops, and just about every other flat surface with semen. And of course, that includes bedspreads and sheets. I sure hope they actually do change bed spreads after each guest leaves. 😯

Let me close this by reminding you that, if you’re not fluid-bonded to your partner, or not 100% positive they’re disease-free, you should be using safe-sex practices anyway (condoms, etc.), and fluid exchange shouldn’t even be a problem for you. Umkay? 😉

So, be safe, and let the cum fly where it may.

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