Strip Tease How To

Stripping can be an erotic form of sexual foreplay. It is important to recognize the “tease” factor in the act of stripping. You don’t want to take everything off too fast, thus spoiling the effect, but taking too long can also ruin it. The idea of the strip tease is to get your partner worked up through the course of the 10-15 minutes of your dance routine, such that you can finish it off in whatever manner you deem appropriate.

The first order of business is to pick out music to dance to. NIN’s “Closer” is popular with strippers, as is “Candyshop,” by 50 Cent. Just about anything that the two of you both like can be used, though you shouldn’t pick out anything with a beat that is too fast. If you’d like something really naughty to dance to, some of my favorites are “Freak on a Leash,” by KoRn, “Naughty Girl,” by Beyonce, or “Slave to Love,” by Lords of Acid.

A typical stripper show in a club is several minutes long, with about 3 songs. It is up to you to decide if you want to do it that long. My standard format is to start out with something fairly tame to begin with, followed by something a little more raunchy, with a third piece that is the raunchiest of the set. Set up your music and burn yourself a CD with the songs you want on it back-to-back so they’ll play like you want them to. If you know a good DJ, perhaps you could get him to mix a CD for you.

The next thing to consider is clothing. First and foremost is the base – the bare minimum you want on before you actually take it all off. A tiny g-string and bra set is good. If you have a bra that covers just your nipples, that is better than a full-coverage bra, for example. Try to find two or three layers of clothing to go on top of this, then you’ll have stuff to work with over the course of your dance set.

You always start off as close to fully dressed as you can be, and gradually peel stuff off as the song progresses. If you practice with your music, you can pick out strategic moments in the music to pull something off, show some more skin, touch yourself, etc. An example would be some sort of blouse & short skirt business attire, followed by an underlayer of maybe a camisole, or other sheer undergarment. And then you have your tiny g-string and small bra set. A good idea is to have layers that you can peel off slowly – something with a long zipper on it, for example. If you’re going to have something you have to untie, be sure you don’t tie it too tightly.

There are a variety of accessory items that you can use to sex yourself up with as well. Examples include chokers, anklets, belly chains, non-piercing jewelry, etc. Some people will suggest stockings, but my experience is that these are more cumbersome to get off than you might want to deal with, and will make you look clumsy in a lot of cases – not very sexy. If you want to have those on when you’re done, however, then by all means wear some stockings. You will also need some high-heeled shoes – as high as you can get them without being too clumsy. Typical stripper heels are 6 inch platforms, but that may be dangerous for you to try for your first time. If you have time, buy a pair and walk around the house in them all day to get used to moving around while wearing them. And, finally, if you want, you can add appropriate makeup and/or his favorite perfume (but don’t overdo either of them)

Once you get all of your music and clothing assembled, you can practice moving about and taking your clothes off with the music. It is always a good idea to practice before you do it for your partner the first time – you don’t want to overshoot or undershoot your music and embarrass yourself. Get in front of a mirror and watch yourself.

One thing to keep in mind before you begin is to decide how you want to finish your strip act off – do you want to end it so that the two of you have to go to the bedroom for sex, or do you want to end it by giving him a BJ in the chair, or what? You’ll need to know how you want to end it to make sure your timing is accurate with your music.

Once you are ready to take it to your lover, make sure you are in a room with adequate lighting – dim is fine, but don’t get it too dark. You want him to be able to see your skin, your hands and facial expressions. Have him sit in a chair, not on a couch or in a recliner, but a dinner table chair, or on a stool – something where you can move around and get behind him. Once he’s set, then you’re ready to begin. Tell him to sit there and wait until you get back, and then go change into your stripper clothes quickly

Walk into the room and start your music. Walk around him, and lean over and whisper in his ear that you’re going to take all of your clothes off, and that he can’t touch you until you give him permission to do so. Tell him that *you* will touch yourself for him. Run your hand around the back of his head, and around to the front of his face, and slowly pull your hand to the last finger off his chin, and tell him to behave, or you’ll stop what you’re doing (and mean it).

A typical stripper set involves three stages, usually in concert with a three-song set. After the first song is done, you should’ve removed your first layer of clothes. After the second song is done, you should’ve removed the middle layer and be there in just your minimal bra and g-string. During the third song, you’ll take everything off and play with yourself (and him) to the extent that you feel comfortable. The key is to take your time getting through all of it. Don’t just immediately take off your skirt and blouse within the first 30 seconds – tease it up and make it take the entire length of the first song. If your clothing buttons up, do one button, then dance around some more, then the next and repeat, etc. Pull your clothes back and show a little bit of skin, then cover it back up, and go to the next button. If you’ve practiced with your music, you should be able to make this take a little bit of time.

As you are dancing, move your way over to him, and turn around and shake your chest and/or ass in front of him – as close to his face as you want to get (remember, he must not touch you, though). Once you get your first layer off, run your hands along your body, and around your curves – esp. your tits and your ass. If you like, you can stop your hand in your crotch and masturbate through your clothes to the beat of the music (or under your clothes – your call). During your dance, you may want to go over to him, and rub your hands down his chest, and play with his crotch. Don’t do that for any serious length of time, though – remember you must tease him.

When your chest is finally naked, play with your tits in front of him – get very close to his face, and pinch your nipples right at his face level. Play with your nipples to make them erect – if you have a glass of ice nearby, take a piece out and rub it along your bare skin and/or your nipples. Ask him if he’d like to do it. When you get ready to take your g-string off, turn around with your ass facing him, and pull the waist down slowly, then pull it back up, turn around and dance a few more seconds, and repeat it, pulling it all the way off. Let them drop to the floor, then run your hands up your legs to your ass, spread your ass cheeks a little bit for him. Turn your face to him, lick your finger or stick your finger in your mouth to get it wet, and then run just the one finger up the crack of your ass.

If you think it is something he’d enjoy, take your panties over to him and tell him to sniff your scent on them. Once your panties are off, straddle his leg and ride his leg for a few seconds, breathing heavily on his neck – again, he cannot touch you, he must keep his hands to himself. Feel free to talk dirty to him while you’re there. Tell him you want him in you so bad, you can feel it deep in your soul (or use other words/phrases you know get him all hot).

There are several ways to conclude your strip tease. You can masturbate yourself to an orgasm in front of him – that is always *very* hot – especially if you’ve never done it before. Use a dildo or vibrator if you feel comfortable doing so, or even penetrate yourself with your fingers (lick your fingers off for him when you’re done). You can pull his face into your crotch and order him to eat your pussy, or if you and he are into it, you can do the same thing with your ass. If he’s been good and not touched you, you might reward him with a blowjob (make him let you unzip his pants, though).

Or you can end it with a lap dance , where you grind your crotch on his to the beat of the music. I’ll explain how to do a great lap dance in my next post. It is very possible to bring a guy off doing that if you want. If you use enough music and time it right, you can even go on to full penetration sex in the chair (vaginally or anally). The ending is really up to you – you are the one doing the tease, and it should be a surprise to him, so you get to decide how far you want to go with it.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Typically, the biggest hurdle for someone who doesn’t dance professionally is getting comfortable with the movements and timing relative to the music. That’s why it’s important to practice. If you have the time and money, and want to learn to do it right, many larger cities have studios that will teach you how to do strip tease dances.

If you want to take the ultimate step, you might even consider getting a pole for your bedroom, and learning how to incorporate pole work into a routine for your partner. Most studios that offer strip tease lessons also provide pole lessons as well. And even if you’re not interested in learning to do it for a partner, pole work makes for an excellent workout and for many women often results in a big boost to the self esteem (you learn to become much more comfortable with your body and how to move it seductively and with greater confidence).

I hope this gives you a few ideas of things to try to tease your partner. It’s tough to learn to do strip tease or lap dancing by reading words on a page, so if you have the means I’d highly recommend taking classes in either/both. Or at the very least, you might avail yourself of one of the more popular DVD series out there on the subjects (Carmen Electra has some good DVDs).

I’ll have the post on how to give a lap dance up in a few days. 😉

By the way, if you have your own favorite song to do a strip routine to, feel free to mention it in the comments. That might give everyone else some ideas.


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