Suppressing Your Gag Reflex

Most of you are familiar with my article on learning how to throat fuck. It is easily the most viewed article on the site and every day I get hundreds (sometimes close to 1,000) of hits from people searching Google for information on learning how to do it.

Perhaps the single greatest impediment to being able to throat fuck someone, however, is that fucking gag reflex! 😆

Today on Twitter (via one of the hottest bitches on Twitter!) I came across a piece of information that supposedly helps you suppress your gag reflex. Miracle, right? 😛

If this works for you, then it will allow you to take a cock into your throat without gagging, helping those who either want to learn to throat fuck or just be able to go down all the way on a cock (deep throating).

It’s quite simple, really: Make fist with your left hand, then squeeze your left thumb (inside that fist). That’s it. While you’re doing that, put your right index finger into the back of your throat and try to make yourself gag. See what happens.

If that seems to disabuse you of your gag reflex, find someone with a cock long enough to get into the back of your throat, make that fist, put your thumb inside it, and go down on that cock (or have him push it back into your throat). Does it work?

I’d assume that this has something to do with blocking a neurological response in your throat, though I’m not sure how that’d be connected to your left hand. 😆 Maybe someone with an MD or PhD in neurology can explain that for us?

Based on the little trials I had people do on Twitter and another venue this morning, it seems to work for about 2/3 or more of the people who tried it. Some people said it didn’t work for them, so I guess it’s not the panacea it might otherwise be. But even if it works for two thirds of those who want to be able to enjoy a nice long cock down their throats, that’s still a pretty good success rate (especially if you’re one of those in whom it works!).

Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you. My gag reflex is so well trained that I can’t tell if it “works” or not, so I need some of you who have really bad gag reflexes to try it and let me know if it works well enough to suggest it to everyone.

If it seems to be effective for most people, I’ll update my little how-to on learning how to throat fuck so that others can benefit from it as well.


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One Response to Suppressing Your Gag Reflex

  1. Stephanie says:

    It worked for me! My fiancé is going to be excited lol

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